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Understanding how to pass data between components is crucial in developing a React app. There are several ways we can pass data between components; we can pass data from parent to child component and vice versa. We can also pass data between siblings or distant-related components. In this article I will show basic examples of each method.

A. Passing state down

Passing state down is very simple. We can give React component any kind of property. The parent component can easily set value to its child component.

Below are two components to demonstrate passing down value from parent to child.

// Parent
const SampleA =…

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What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications or browser notifications are notifications that website visitors can opt-in to receive to stay updated without installing an app. These clickable rich-content messages can be sent to users’ devices by a website/web app.

It is important to note that iOS does not support web push notifications yet. On mobile browsers, the support is limited to Android devices only (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).

On the desktop, web push notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

Push notification is handled by the browser’s service worker. …

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There are several ways to test the performance of a web application. In this article I want to discuss about how we can use Apache JMeter to do that. I’ll start with a basic use. And in the end of the article, I’ll discuss about how we can use JMeter to do a concurrent users stress test.

Write a basic test

There are two ways we can use JMeter:

  1. Graphical user interface
  2. Command line interface

It is recommended that we run actual test on CLI. But we can write a test & have a test-run on the GUI. …

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In my React/JavaScript applications, there are three layers of development “safety” that I always add:

  1. ESLint, to make sure the code follows a certain standard
  2. Unit testing, to make sure the codes are testable
  3. Static typing, to add clarity and reduce confusion

In this article, I’ll be discussing on how to start using static typing with Flow on React applications.

There are several technologies we can use to add static-typing in JavaScript, with TypeScript (TS) as the most popular. It is developed by Microsoft in 2012 and has a large community. …

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It has been a while since I wrote technical articles on my personal blog. There were some good content from my defunct blogs such as “” and “”. And I remember I learned a lot in the process of writing those articles. So I’ve decided to give it another go, writing technical articles.

I’ve had this particular blog for quite some time. But it has never had a clear purpose, unlike my WordPress blog. So I’ve decided to push the reset button on it. I backed up all of its previous content, put some of them on my other blog…

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